Permanent relief of pain

Occupational therapy and orthopaedics are two inseparable components in the process of medical treatment. Occupational therapy in orthopaedics includes typical applications such as congenital malformations, partial and complete paralyses, injuries on bones and muscles as well as injuries of tendons and nerves.

Conceivable diseases

Fractures in the shoulder, the elbow, etc.

e.g. arthrosis, osteoporosis

e.g. tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, unstable wrist, etc.

z.B. Rheuma, CRPS (Morbus Sudeck)

Ergotherapie Ottobrunn
Objectives of orthopaedics in occupational therapy

The primary objective in occupational therapy is the restoration or the preservation of a maximum autonomy in your private and professional everyday life.

We care also particularly about relief of your pain. You will learn gentle motion patterns in order to avoid further damage to your body, and on the other hand, you will achieve a persistent improvement of your quality of life.