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You can be sure to be in our good hands. In Reha-Zentrum Ottobrunn, a full range of holistic therapies is available for improvement of your health. Be it outpatient rehabilitation, extended outpatient physiotherapy (EAP), or follow-up treatment (AHB), prescribed therapy or therapy for medical fitness – we are able to assist you.

You can find all our services under one roof.

Rehabilitation and After-Care

Outpatient rehabilitation means that you stay in your familiar surroundings and that you receive a complete and high-quality range of therapeutical services under a single roof.

Outpatient rehabilitation

In outpatient rehabilitation, you stay in your familiar surroundings and receive yet a complete and high-quality range of therapeutical services under a single roof.

Physical disabilities or pains afflict also our intellectual and mental well-being. Rehabilitation therefore intends to re-ensure the stability of body and mind after sickness and accidents in a holistic approach.

Be it physiotherapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy or medical training therapy: Our specialised physicians draft your personal training scheme in cooperation with you.

These four components are supported by psychological attendance as well as counselling in nutrition and social matters. We support you as your counsellors throughout the entire therapy and will spend any effort to inform you thoroughly about the measures, the goals and the success.

We offer you an ambulatory reha in the following areas:

  • Orthopaedics
  • Hand rehabilitation
  • Pain management

Follow-up care programms

During in-patient or outpatient rehabilitation, you will receive constant support in coping successfully with your everyday duties and achievement of your objectives. Time and training schedules as well as competent contacts will assist you in your recovery.

Even after the end of your rehabilitation process, it ist important, however, to keep your health condition sustainably stable an to continue its improvement.

Our follow-up care programms IRENA and PsyRENA will support you in your approach to avoiad a return into old patterns at home or to forget what you have learnt.


Physiotherapy is the general term denoting different forms of therapies, which use active and passive motion for healing.

The goal is the restoration, preservation or promotion of your health condition and very often the relief of pain.

Therapies available:

  • Physiotherpy
  • Physiotherapy – based in neurophysiology
  • Physical therapy
  • Manual therapy
  • Physiotherapy at physiotherapeutic machines (KGG)
  • Physiotherapy according Bobath / PNF
  • CMD treatments

Occupational therapy

Occupational therapy supports patients in any age group, whose ability to act is restricted.

Our walking training, counselling about medical aids and everyday training assist you to stand on your own feet again. Paediatric and psychiatric disorders can be treated, too, within the field of occupational therapy.

For diseased conditions of your hand or your arm, we provide both treatment as part of outpatient rehabilitation and therapy according to a prescription.


Therapies and techniques available

  • Individual treatment in cases of motor disorders
  • Individual treatment in cases of sensorimoto/perceptive disorders
  • Individual treatment of mental/functional disorders
  • Brain performance exercises
  • Counselling about medical aids
  • Active and passive mobilisation
  • Kinesio taping
  • Group therapy in cases of motor disorders
  • Thermal applications – heat, cold, paraffin treatment, gravel bath
  • workplace counselling: possibly instruction for building up an ergonomic workplace (desk, computer)
  • Mirror-box therapy

Medical Fitness

During the training, you will only be supported by qualified specialist staff, which distinguishes our facility from fitness studios. Our specially trained diploma sports scientists work with you to create a training plan, taking into account your individual requirements such as age, illness and physical performance. You will be optimally cared for during your training sessions and can always ask for advice on the devices. The effectiveness of your training on the devices is guaranteed.

In medical training therapy (MTT) the therapeutic agent is the movement. In particular, the limited performance of the movement system can be restored.

With us you can not only strengthen your muscular system, but also improve strength, endurance and coordination.

Our Team

An interdisciplinary team of highly qualified and experience therapists, without exception, constitutes the foundation of our institution; they have completed the most different training courses.

Our team consists of specialists from the departments:

  • Medicine
  • Physiotherapy
  • Sports and exercise therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Psychology
  • Diet advice and nutrition counselling
  • Social services
  • Administration

Your way to us

The outpatient Rehabilitation Centre is in the industrial park Ottobrunn/Riemerling, with direct connection to Autobahn A99 and A8. You can reach us easily and quickly either from Munich or from the surroundings, from Anzing up to Aying and from Oberhaching to Moosach.

Parking spaces are available directly in front of our house. For rehab patients who are not able to come to us on their own, we provide a transport service with an access ramp.

You can reach us by public transportation. The best way is by S-Bahn S7, stop “Ottobrunn”. The bus No. 214 takes you directly to the stop Rudolf-Diesel-Strasse in front of our house. The bus line 210 has a stop at Robert-Koch-Strasse roughly 200 metres from the out-patient rehabilitation centre.

The design of the out-patient rehabilitation centre Ottobrunn is, of course, barrier- free. An elevator and a wheelchair lift are available at the ground floor

For more information, please contact us by phone at 089 / 660 72 82 0 or by e-mail at