No power in your arm? You want to become fit for the skiing season? Or you want to resume sports activities after a disease? We can help you. Our Medical Fitness Centre offers a wide equipment range for improvement of power and endurance.

  • training with professional instructions
  • trial training
  • season tickets

rehazentrum ottobrunn TRAININGTraining unter professioneller Anleitung

Qualified experts only assist you during your training, which distinguishes our institution from fitness studios. Our specifically trained accredited sports scientists will draft a training schedule together with you, in due consideration of your individual situation in terms of age, diseases and physical resilience.

You will receive optimum support throughout your training units; you can ask for assistance at the equipment at any time. This will ensure the efficiency of your training at the equipment.

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here the current price list for the Medical Training Therapy.

Trial training

Arrange an appointment for gratuitous trial training without any commitment. Our qualified sports instructors will be pleased to show you our medical fitness centre, to discuss your training goals with you and to explain our rates.

Season ticket

You have the opportunity to use different rates depending on the duration and frequency of your training with us. A binding contract is not mandatory.

  • 10er ticket
  • Monthly ticket
  • Contracts with durations of 3/6/12/24 month

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Physiotherapie Ergotherapie Ottobrunn

Medical training therapy (MTT)

In Medical training therapy, mobility is the therapeutic agent. This method can restore mainly the restricted performance of the musculoskeletal system. You cannot only strengthen your muscles but also improve power, endurance and coordination in our institution.

Improve your power

Improve your endurance

Improve your coordination


Strengthen your muscles

Restore the musculoskeletal system