We get on your nerves

Occupational therapy is a significant method of treatment in neurology: occupational therapy and neurology are closely interlinked in medicine. Neurology is the science of diseases of the nerve system, which afflict parts such as the central nerve system, the spinal cord and the brain, as well as the muscles and their joints.

Our brain is capable of re-building nervous connections even after major damages in certain areas. It is therefore important to train and support exactly these areas again.

This is the point where occupational therapy in neurology starts. The therapeutical concepts are specifically harmonised with and proven for patients with a neurological syndrome. Our therapists will learn with you skills you have lost and strengthen these sequences of action.

Ergotherapie Handtherapie Rehazentrum Ottobrunn
The therapies we provide
  • Inter alia, normalisation of changed motion patterns
  • Improvement of the mobility of the joints
  • Coordination and motion control
  • Increase of minute motor activity, power, endurance
Objecives of the treatment

The primary objective of occupational therapy in neurology is the restoration or improvement of lost skills such as certain movements, sensory perception, concentration and also reading or writing.

The recovery or strengthening of mental functions such as personality, behaviour, impetus or emotions is high goals in our treatment.