IRENA – Intensive rehabilitation follow-up care

After successful completion of your rehab, we assist you in the consolidation of the achieved improvements in everyday life.

IRENA is a programme offered by the German pension insurance for intensified rehabilitation follow-up care for working patients. The programme may be implemented subsequently to outpatient or in-patient rehabilitation.

The objective is the stabilisation of the physical and mental capabilities achieved in rehabilitation. We assist you in harmonising your health condition again with your professional life and leisure activities.

Physiotherapie Ergotherapie Ottobrunn


The application for the IRENA follow-up care programme is submitted through the attending physician in the rehab institution. You should therefore discuss the submission of an application with your physician as early as in the rehabilitation treatment.

Persons receiving pension payments or applying for pension – be it old-age pension or disability pension/pension for occupational disability – are precluded from this programme. Persons who were discharged from a rehabilitation measure with a professional capability of less than three hours per day are equally not admitted to this programme.

For more information, please contact our reception desk or click here for downloading.

Physiotherapie Ergotherapie Ottobrunn


The IRENA programme should follow the stationary or out-patient rehabilitation as soon as possible; commencement within the first three months is ideal.

Physiotherapeutic or training-related measures must be completed within the first six months following discharge from the rehabilitation institution.

The duration and organization in terms of time are oriented by the indication and by our patients’ individual situation, for instance with consideration of physical resilience or professional activity.

You may claim 24 appointments at maximum, with each appointment taking 90 to 120 minutes.

Physiotherapie Ergotherapie Ottobrunn


Please feel free to contact us after receipt of the cost coverage confirmation from your cost bearers. We agree an appointment and reserve a rehabilitation place for you. Two weeks are the average waiting time.

Please not the following hints on the first rehabilitation day:

  • Please arrive roughly 20 minutes before your first treatment in our institution so that we can handle all the application formalities.
  • You will receive the key for a locker at the reception.
  • Please bring along sports clothing, indoor shoes and a large towel.
  • Depending on your therapy schedule, you will go through therapeutic treatments up to six hours per day (including resting periods).
  • Throughout the treatment process you will be regularly examined by physicians.