Our hands are highly significant for our everyday life in terms of function and perception skills. Therefore, even minute injuries may restrict the functions and hence afflict our everyday and professional life.

Our experienced therapists treat all orthopaedic, traumatic, hand-surgery and neurologic pathologies of the hand and the forearm. A wide range of therapeutical measures is available for the restoration of the healthy condition of your hand.

Conceivable diagnoses and diseases

Outpatient hand rehabilitation may become necessary after various injuries.

e.g. Morbus Dupuytren

  • of the extensor tendon and bending tendon
  • of capsular and ligament injuries
  • of tendolyses / arthrolyses
  • fractures at fingers, the thumb and the wrist joint
  • e.g. rizarthritis, polyarthritis

e.g. tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, unstable wrist, etc.

for instance restricted sensitivity to pressure, tactile feel and sensation of touch, numbness, furry feeling, tingling sensation, pain and paresthesia of the hands


Being one of the few outpatient rehab centres in Germany, RZO has been certified under ISO since May 18, 2011. With this approval, the professional therapy practice, too, confirmed its quality in the certification process. We attach particular importance to hygiene, privacy, complaint management and regular further training.

Ergotherapie Ottobrunn
Components of hand therapy

Active and passive mobilisation

Improvement of fine and gross motor skills

Sensitisation or de-sensitisation in case of numb

Ergonomic workplace counselling

The objectives of outpatient hand rehabilitation – manifold and individual

When joints are affected, the primary focus is on relief of pain and on the restoration of the functionality of all motion sequences.

Wound healing and scar care as well as the restoration of your sensitivity are prominent objectives in our work in outpatient hand rehabilitation.

If you have spent a rather long time in a nursing institution or in hospital, the re-integration into your domestic environment plays a major role.